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5 Easy Mocha Creamer Recipes

Regularly moving your body and eating balanced meals are essential to a healthier lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean tweaking your daily wellness routine has to be boring or something you always dread. When it comes to making those changes, starting small always leaves a lasting impact. Doing so also makes the overall process less daunting.

Simply swapping your go-to creamer, for example, with one that’s packed with cleaner, better-for-you ingredients is a great first step. And the best part? You can always get creative. Gone are the days of limiting yourself to the “how to use” section on supplement labels. Spicing things up is what transforms a short-term goal into one that prioritizes a mindful, well-rounded approach to healthy living.

That’s why we rounded up a handful of delicious, nutrient-rich recipes made with Bulletproof Mocha Creamer, the latest addition to our range of coffee creamers, which includes Original, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Mocha.

What Makes Mocha Creamer Special?

Featuring a smooth, creamy and rich flavor, our Mocha Creamer does more than just dress up your favorite cup of coffee or recipe. It takes every sip or bite (depending on how you use your new favorite mix-in) to the next level with its terrific trio of ingredients: real cocoa, grass-fed butter and MCT oil. When combined, these powerhouse ingredients work to bring you sustained energy, fewer cravings and brain fuel—must-haves for every day, regardless of your unique lifestyle.[1][2]

Not only is this rich, chocolatey coffee creamer made without any added sugar*, but it’s also incredibly easy to use. All you need is one scoop per serving for an enhanced coffee or dessert that’s big on functional benefits and flavor.

Move over, espresso martini. Get ready to have the happiest hour with this macro-friendly cocktail—guaranteed to keep you feeling warm and toasty all season long. There’s nothing vanilla about this spiked latte, which calls for bourbon, our keto-friendly creamer, and is garnished with sugar-free whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings.

As the ultimate keto treat that pays homage to that iconic scene in Serendipity, this chilled beverage boasts a soft-serve ice cream mouthfeel—with much better macros. Its crowd-pleasing, sugar-free* whipped cream is elevated with our Mocha Creamer, and also includes coconut cream as another source of quality fats.

Clear mug filled with a frothy hot chocolate sitting on wooden surface and surrounded by coffee beans

You can never go wrong with a classic hot chocolate. You can, however, always take it up a notch. And thankfully, our Mocha Creamer is here to do just that in this nostalgic, cozy recipe that’s not only satisfying but also keto and gluten-free. Keep your net carbs in check and enjoy the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had. Cheers!

Bulletproof dairy free iced mocha in glass cup

If you’re craving something a little more decadent and a little less hot, we recommend whipping up this creamy, paleo-friendly iced latte. Made with full-fat coconut cream and our MCT-rich creamer, this iced mocha is equal parts refreshing and indulgent. It’s also easily customizable. Make it sweeter by adding more vanilla or sugar substitute or make it stronger by using a darker roast.

Hand holding a mini Mocha Cheesecake with a bite taken out

Your chocolate cravings have met their match. Treat yourself to a healthier take on a classic dessert courtesy of this gluten-free recipe. What makes it such a standout? The final product does not compromise on flavor or texture thanks to its creamy filling, which is enhanced by our Mocha Creamer. The cheesecake’s perfectly crunchy crust is crafted with pitted dates and almonds for a truly wholesome dessert.

Your taste buds are in for a real treat with these five Mocha Creamer recipes. The limit does not exist when it comes to dreaming up better-for-you versions of your go-to beverages and desserts. At the end of the day, all you need is a little creativity and your favorite Bulletproof product.

*Not a low-calorie food

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