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Coleman Ruiz: Overcoming Physical & Emotional Challenges

In this episode, my guest is Coleman Ruiz, a former Tier One U.S. Navy SEAL joint task force commander. He served in Afghanistan and Iraq and as a BUD/S training officer. He shares his journey from childhood through the Naval Academy to elite Navy SEAL special operations. He shares the physical and emotional challenges he has overcome and discusses his struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He also talks about the key role of mentors, family and friends in building resilience. Coleman gives us a raw, humble account of hitting rock bottom. He tells of the intense pain, fear, depression and suicidality in his journey of redemption. Coleman’s story is a real-life hero’s journey. He tells it with extraordinary vulnerability and humility. He explains the challenges and sudden tragedies that helped to ground, shape and renew him. His story will inspire listeners of all ages and backgrounds.

Note: This conversation includes profanity and topics that are not suitable for all audiences and ages.

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(00:00:00) Coleman Ruiz

(00:01:55) Sponsors: BetterHelp, Maui Nui Venison & Eight Sleep

(00:06:06) Childhood, “Wildness”

(00:13:24) Wrestling, Combat Sports & Respect

(00:22:26) Divorce, College Applications & Naval Academy

(00:29:51) Sponsor: AG1

(00:31:22) Prep School, Patriotism, Fear

(00:40:08) Growth Mindset, 24-Hour Horizon

(00:43:02) Naval Academy, Mentor, Focus

(00:52:45) Wife, Work Ethic

(00:59:23) Sponsor: Plunge

(01:00:51) Navy SEALs, BUD/S, Hell Week

(01:04:51) BUD/S Success Predictors; Divorce & Aloneness; Rebellion

(01:16:30) Patriotism, Navy SEALs, Green Team

(01:22:15) Advanced Training, Tier One, Free-Fall

(01:26:13) Special Operations, Deaths & Grief

(01:36:08) Mentor Death & Facing Mortality

(01:47:49) Warriors & Compassion; Trauma, Family

(01:52:37) Civilian Life Adjustment

(01:57:39) Hero With a Thousand Faces, Civilian Return & PTSD

(02:07:03) Massage, Perspective, Space-Time Bridging

(02:14:10) Psychedelics, Connection, Warrior Culture

(02:19:15) Rock Bottom: Talk Therapy, Depression, Alcohol

(02:25:50) Emotional & Physical Pain, Vulnerability, Fighter Mentality

(02:30:42) Suicide, Asking For Help & Support

(02:38:32) Therapy, PTSD Recovery, Dread; Pharmacology

(02:44:54) Healing Process: Unsatisfaction & Asking For Help

(02:54:03) Daily Routine, Movement, Nutrition

(03:02:22) Manhood, Range, Parenthood, Surrender

(03:10:08) Current Pursuits

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