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Julie Clark (55) Outpaces Biohackers

In the world of tech titans, competition extends beyond the boardroom to space conquest and extravagant lifestyles. However, one of the most intriguing competitions focuses on reversing the aging process itself: the Rejuvenation Olympics, Bryan Johnson’s brainchild.

Quickly rising to the top of the leaderboard is Julie Clark, a single mom in her 50s earning less than $100k per year. Today, she joins the show to teach you how to defy aging with her budget-friendly routine, which includes regular exercise, sauna sessions, a balanced diet with limited refined sugars and grains, and affordable supplements.

Despite not having a billionaire’s budget, Julie’s aging rate — 0.665 (she only ages 66 out of 100 days) — is remarkable, demonstrating that longevity is within reach for many, without breaking the bank. Unlike many of her counterparts in the Rejuvenation Olympics, her routine is somewhat ordinary. She spends $27 a month on a gym membership and $79 a month on the longevity supplement NOVOS. Julie consumes about 16 ounces of a variety of vegetables daily, snacking on carrots, radishes, and peppers during her workday. She limits the amount of refined sugars and grains she eats, and at least three times a week, Julie uses the sauna for 20 minutes before taking a cold shower.

At the gym, she does a mix of cardio and strength workouts each week: two days of upper body workouts with weights, two days of lower body with weights, and one day of strength training targeting her core, along with 20 to 30 minutes of cardio four times a week. On the weekends, she hikes, kayaks, plays pickleball, or takes a long walk.

Through these simple, affordable health and longevity methods, Julie is considered a top competitor at the Rejuvenation Olympics — measured by the DunedinPACE test, the gold standard for assessing the pace of human aging. This test analyzes DNA methylation marks in white blood cells, providing unique insight into an individual’s rate of aging. (I had my test done by TruDiagnostic, which is operated by a former podcast guest of mine named Ryan Smith.) You can read more details about my test results in this article: Ben Greenfield’s Latest “Age Reversal” Lab Testing Results, Diet & Supplement Stack, Top Tactics To Slow Aging, Longevity-Enhancing Stacks & Much More.

Once the leader in the Rejuvenation Olympics, billionaire Bryan Johnson (check out my podcast with him here), is neck and neck with individuals like Julie and Dave Pascoe (a retired engineer who, at 61, looks and feels decades younger), proving that optimizing your longevity doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

In this episode, you’ll uncover the diverse approaches to anti-aging with me and Julie, showcasing that while there is no one-size-fits-all solution, healthy habits, including exercise, diet, and smart supplementation, can significantly impact healthspan and lifespan. Whether you’re a billionaire or an average Joe, the key to longevity may be simpler and more accessible than you think.

During this discussion, you’ll discover:

-What is the Rejuvenation Olympics?…04:39

-What is Julie’s background?…07:57

  • Heard about longevity in 2017
  • Had always been interested in health and nutrition since she was a kid
    • Was a swimmer
    • Her dad was mixing protein smoothies for her during meets
  • Had a really rough period in her 30s
    • Married, divorced, and went to college
    • Had health issues and was almost kidnapped
    • Was excessively stressed and under antidepressants
  • Went to see a naturopath
    • Got off all wheat and dairy
    • Finally took her health seriously
  • In her 40s, new problems appeared
    • Always felt exhausted, hair was falling out
  • Worked out every day, had a healthy diet
  • Went to a functional doctor and was tested for heavy metals
    • Positive for tungsten, lead, and mercury
    • 15 rounds of chelation therapy — has to be done with a doctor to be safe
    • Heavy metals were coming down to healthy levels
  • Gave up a vegan diet

-How did Julie become a part of the Rejuvenation Olympics?…14:46

-Was Julie surprised with the results?…19:41

  • Didn’t know who Bryan Johnson was at first
  • She was mostly interested in different protocols impacting different people
  • A lot of the stuff is based on genetic individuality and your response
  • A genetic profile in Julie’s family
    • Maternal grandmother died of lupus
    • Autoimmune diseases all over that side of the family
    • Maternal grandfather smoked, drank, and lived well into his 80s
    • Her mother is 85 and has Parkinson’s
  • The influence of genetic tests
  • Has the MTHFR gene — mutations in the MTHFR gene can lead to reduced enzyme activity, potentially causing elevated homocysteine levels, which are associated with an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and pregnancy complications
  • Methyl folate — the active form of folate, a B vitamin that plays a crucial role in various bodily functions, including DNA synthesis and repair, cell division, and the production of neurotransmitters — doesn’t necessarily help her
  • Choline — an essential nutrient that plays a crucial role in various bodily functions, including supporting brain development, nerve function, muscle movement, and metabolism — works better for her

-What does Julie’s diet look like?…25:38

  • Doesn’t eat until 10
    • Powdered green drink
    • Sometimes adds maca
  • Organifi or Athletic Greens
  • Used to take lots of moringa but thinks it was messing with her thyroid
  • Moringa could disrupt thyroid function
  • Dr. Kara Fitzgerald — Younger You Program
  • Fasting protocol for premenopausal and postmenopausal women
    • 10- to 12-hour intermittent fast for premenopausal females
    • 12- to 16-hour daily intermittent fast for postmenopausal females
  • Trying to get 100g of protein a day
  • Podcast with Gabrielle Lyon:
  • At noon, a bowl of vegetables anywhere from 6 to 10 oz
    • A few olives in there too for the salt and fats
  • Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat by Melissa Joulwan
  • For protein: 
  • Avoids carbohydrates
  • Dinner at 5:30 p.m. with the family
  • Enjoys the weekends with the family
  • Can’t have sugar at night, it causes her to experience hot flashes 
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Ben’s routine when he eats alone
    • Once a week, he goes out to a restaurant
    • Roast chicken, steak, or fish
    • Not eating much after 5:30 p.m.
  • Podcasts with Joe Stout:

-What supplements, digestive enzymes, and probiotics does Julie take?…40:26

-What does Julie do for sleep support?…45:31

-How does Julie incorporate the use of technology?…47:28

  • Sensate (use code BGL to save $30)
  • Apollo (use code BG15 to save 15%)
  • Tried HBOT once or twice
  • She doesn’t use any device

-Ben’s ad for his Spokane house…48:35

-What is Julie’s fitness routine?…50:30

  • Sometimes swims
  • Likes going to the gym but does not like working out
  • Likes going to the sauna
  • Monday 
    • VO2 Max 
    • 30 minutes Norwegian 4×4 (3 minutes easy, 4 minutes hard, 4 times through, and then just two minutes really easy)
    • 5 minutes for abs
    • 30 minutes sauna
    • 5 minutes cold shower (as cold as she can get, 4 to 5 solid minutes) — a natural anti-depressant for her
  • Tuesday 
    • An hour or so of full-body workout with free weights
  • Wednesday
  • All workouts are done in a fasted state
  • Thursday
  • Somewhere between Thursday, Friday, or Saturday 
    • Another full-body workout using machines
  • Nothing on Sunday, except walking or hiking

-What are Julie’s spiritual practices?…56:46

  • Prayer in the morning
  • Was raised Lutheran but followed Buddhism in high school and loves meditating
  • Deployed in the military but was not a soldier — in Doha, Qatar
    • Went to a Catholic service
  • In Europe, went to cathedrals
  • Wanted to raise her son Catholic, so she went to catechism classes
  • Like many people, just knew that there was something bigger out there
  • Looked at different practices and ended in the Catholic Church
  • Reads the Bible every morning, prays, and goes to Mass 
  • Ben uses Bible in One Year 
    • Takes about 15 to 20 minutes to read
    • Meet as a family at 7:00 a.m., read the Bible, and pray together
    • Prayer breaks throughout the day, before breakfast, before lunch, and before dinner
    • At night, her family gathers, prays, and reads the Bible again
  • Always being reminded to pray makes you aware that other people are struggling
  • You have to have your WHY and a sense of belonging

-How long does Julie want to live?…1:03:03

  • Doesn’t have a number
  • Lost her brother when he was 38 — he was a triathlete and an ER doctor
  • A goal is to be healthy, happy, mobile, and vital
  • To be a mother to her son

-And much more…

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