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Non-Excersice Movements For Better Metabolism & Joints

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News Flashes

  • Here is a four-part research “gold mine” on everything you need to know about why twitching, calf raises, frequent activity and other “non-exercise” forms of daily movement are a gamechanger when it comes to glucose and lipid regulation, lowered risk of type 2 diabetes, fat loss, and general physiological health…08:10
  • This is an absolutely fantastic list of things that can help with opiate, kratom, or substance withdrawal. Worth a check…21:43
  • Related to yesterday’s tweet about getting off kratom, opioids, etc., here’s another excellent resource for anti-depressant withdrawal…34:31
  • Quelling tobacco/nicotine addiction with black pepper, lime rinds, St. John’s Wort, lavender, and more…39:34

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Listener Q&A:

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Q: Bob Beede asks: Dealing with arthritis in both knees and right arm. Have any suggestions? Thanks!…44:00 

Q: Donna asks: Could you recommend a “dirty” electricity filter to plug my grounding mat into?…57:03

  • Dirty electricity in most homes is the highest source of EMF radiation
    • Causes things like brain fog and irritability
    • Nervous system issues during the day
    • Causes depolarization of cells, putting you into a state where you aren’t very relaxed
  • Unusable dirty electricity “sits” in the wiring, and it radiates EMF 
  • Some ordinary household devices that emit “dirty electricity”:
    • Laptop charger
    • Fluorescent light bulbs
    • Laptops
    • Dimmer switches
  • A cheap way to measure dirty electricity is with an AM radio
  • Dirty electricity meters
  • Dirty electricity filters
  • Grounding mat plugged into dirty electricity filter

Q: Martin asks: Hello Ben, I just found the old episode from 2021 with Andreas Wecker, and I’m intrigued by his seed oil products. But given that almost all biohackers/functional medicine practitioners I’ve read or listened to say to stay away from seed oils, will you please provide an update?…1:04:38

  • Podcast with Andreas Wecker:
  • Andreas Seed Oils
  • Intake of sunflower oil or canola oil, heated and pressurized and stored in plastic is not great for your cells
    • It’s almost worse than sugar
  • Andreas developed an extraction method using certified organic non-GMO seeds and a cold pressing technology that’s different than cold expeller pressing
  • Seals up all these oils in Miron glass bottles that are light-protective

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