Dr. Gundry's Food Pyramid

It’s no wonder so many people are struggling with their weight and understanding of good nutrition. The foundation of so many dietary recommendations is bread, pasta, cereal, and more bread. That means the foundation of these outdated dietary plans is one of the food groups likely containing more additives than any other food group. The […]

What Role Does our Microbiome Play in a Healthy Diet? – with Tim Spector

There’s a lot of conflicting info out there about how to eat healthily. Tim Spector studies the microbiome to gain insight into how its diversity can impact health outcomes. Subscribe for regular science videos: Tim’s book “The Diet Myth” is available now: The microbiome is the community of 100 trillion microbes that live in our […]

Product Review: Gundry Vital Reds

This is my review of the polyphenol-rich Gundry Vital Reds formula. #GundryVitalReds #GundryMD #VitalReds 🔔Subscribe and click the 🛎so you never miss new content ✅Eat the Earth Challenge (click the podcast page) Only at 👀Eat the Earth Challenge Explanation Video 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 ✅Join the Eat the Earth Challenge Facebook Group today!!! 📱Follow me on Twitter 🎙Paul […]

Vitamin D3 Dr. Steven Gundry


Gundry MD | Plateauing on goals

#fruit #weightloss #GundryMD In today’s video, Dr. Gundry discusses the problem with modern-day fruit. And how Dr. Gundry handles a plateau when it comes to reaching diet goals. You’re eating the right lectin-free foods. You’re experiencing the delightful benefit of healthy weight loss. You’re committed to a healthy lifestyle and fighting off cravings left and […]

Dr. Steven Gundry Finds Incredible Superfood in Italy (See Descriptio)

ON LOCATION IN BEAUTIFUL ITALY : Steven Gundry MD shows you one of the most anti-oxidant rich, POLYPHENAL PACKED fruits in the world. This “Super-cherry” is a central ingredient in Dr. Gundry’s groundbreaking “red’s” formula. Polyphenals are possibly the most important nutrients in human nutrition… far more powerful than typical antioxidants. They have been strongly […]

Ask Dr Gundry: How do I avoid returning to my old eating habits?

Dr Gundry answers helpful questions from his viewers about diet and health. source

David Kessler – Worse than sugar? You'll be SHOCKED | Ep120

Dr. David Kessler, former head of the Food and Drug Administration and author of Fast Carbs, Slow Carbs, chats with me about the food that we agree might be WORSE than sugar, the TRUTH about the Nutrition Facts label, and the 3 simple things YOU can do to improve your health. Full transcript and show […]

Is this “stealth lectin” destroying your health? | Ep138

Sayer and I explain what’s REALLY increasing your likelihood of developing chronic illness (and why it’s NOT always genetics), reveal some of the deadliest toxins on the planet (and they could be in MANY of the foods you eat), and share the BEST foods to eat to protect your health. Full transcript and show notes: […]