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Gundry MD | Plateauing on goals

#fruit #weightloss #GundryMD In today's video, Dr. Gundry discusses the problem with modern-day fruit. And how Dr. Gundry handles a plateau when it comes to reaching diet goals. You’re eating the right lectin-free foods. You’re experiencing the delightful benefit of healthy weight loss. You’re committed to a healthy lifestyle and fighting off cravings left and right.…

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Dr. Steven Gundry Finds Incredible Superfood in Italy (See Descriptio)

ON LOCATION IN BEAUTIFUL ITALY : Steven Gundry MD shows you one of the most anti-oxidant rich, POLYPHENAL PACKED fruits in the world. This "Super-cherry" is a central ingredient in Dr. Gundry's groundbreaking "red's" formula. Polyphenals are possibly the most important nutrients in human nutrition... far more powerful than typical antioxidants. They have been strongly implicated…

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