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Ben Greenfield’s Weekly Roundup: September 1

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Product Of The Week

::: Buy One, Get One 20% Off When You Stock Up On NAD Regen :::

Unlocking better health, improved immunity, and superior energy levels are all associated with better methylation…

… a process that helps with global detoxification, phase 2 liver detoxification, DNA repair, managing stress, strong immune function, and synthesizing neurotransmitters.

When your methylation process is under stress and underperforming, you might notice symptoms such as anxiety, IBS, headaches, insomnia, and other unpleasant effects.

Plenty of people suffer from poor methylation for a plethora of reasons, including the fact that they’re overly stressed, under-rested, and unsympathetic to their body’s needs.

As a result, you can feel pretty darn awful a lot of the time.

What you might not be aware of is that even some healthy habits can have a negative impact on your internal methylation when overdone. Using IVs, NAD injection kits, and precursors aggressively are examples.

To be clear, these are *good* things to use and I use them personally, within the right frequency and amount. However, there is a very real chance that if you overuse them, they will overload your methylation process.

What does this mean, and why should it matter?

As I said earlier, when your methylation process is overwhelmed, it leads to an array of potentially negative symptoms and most certainly does not help with longevity. It basically means your internal health, energy, and “balance” is out of whack.

This is just another reason why I rely on NAD3, the primary ingredient found in NAD Regen from BioStack Labs. NAD is a molecule of paramount necessity to mitochondrial function, energy production, and aging. Your NAD status is one of the most important things to consider not only for your longevity but for your energy and well-being.

The pathways NAD3 stimulates and helps address the root cause of NAD decline, meaning it helps enhance NAD status without overloading your methylation process.

Including NAD3 in my supplement routine means I can still use my NAD IVs without worrying about being too harsh on my methylation process.

If you’re interested in trying BioStack Lab’s NAD Regen, click here to take advantage of the buy one, get the second bottle 20% off deal.

Upcoming Events:

Disrupt: September 28th – 30th, 2023

Join me for the Disrupt 2023 Event in Atlanta, Georgia, from September 29th – October 1st. This event is oriented towards entrepreneurs and health practitioners alike, centered around the topic of making healthcare truly healthy. This highly practical and immersive workshop will feature live Q&As, my top secrets for career success, and much more! Also, starting Aug. 31, the Disrupt team is dropping tickets down to $397 until Sept. 4th. After this sale, tickets will be back up to $697 until the event. Learn more here.

Couples Collective: October 25th – 29th, 2023

Couples Collective is an exclusive and immersive way to explore health, wellness, and mindset with your significant other. Jessa and I will be leading a health optimization and relationships workshop, alongside many other awesome couples. This is a small event, and access requires you to interview with event-holder OWN IT to ensure a right fit. However, for those who are said fit, this event is designed to bring you into deeper union within your relationship and onward into greater connection with your life, love, health, and happiness. I’m looking for 6 to 7 powerful couples to come join me at the event – are you one of them? Learn more here.

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Kion Product Of The Week: Kion Protein Bar

You know I’m a huge fan of Kion.

They combine the cleanest natural ingredients into complementing supplements (and foods!) that help you unlock your body’s natural energy.

And their new Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar is out of this world delicious.

Not only that but it is made with only real, whole-food ingredients—giving it balanced macronutrients for clean, stable energy.

The Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar’s complex flavors and texture come from real, natural, whole-food ingredients such as…

  • Organic almonds
  • Organic cocoa nibs
  • Organic chia seeds
  • Organic coconut, and
  • Organic honey

And it contains 11 grams of satiating protein from grass-fed whey protein isolate to support your active lifestyle.

I promise you, you’re going to love this new protein bar. Click here to try it.

Asking A Quick Favor About My New Book Boundless Parenting: Tools, Tactics & Habits of Great Parents.

Boundless Parenting standing on deskAs you may know, in February of this year I released Boundless Parenting: a labor of love made up of interviews with some of the most incredible parents on the planet and their combined wisdom.

This book is designed to be a guide to, well, guiding your child in a world where navigating the act of raising a family has become a lost art. 

The interviews in Boundless Parenting range from Bryan Johnson of Blueprint to my friends Dr. Dan and Merily Pompa, and many, many more. The text is chock full of all sorts of tools and tactics, from teaching your kids how to fast (and when it would be appropriate) to the ways Jessa and I have invested in the Greenfield family legacy. It has everything you need to go from lost-puppy-without-a-clue to grade-A super parent, and also has plenty of wisdom and actionable information for well-seasoned parents. 

Now Boundless Parenting is available as the ultimate audio experience, as each chapter’s narration comes not just from me and my wife Jessa, but also from each contributing parent’s voice. 

That’s right, you get to hear each parent read their chapter from their own perspective, making this audiobook come to life.

The parents, including my very own mom, my dad, myself, my wife, and many other models of practical parenting wisdom, delve into the fascinating realms of education, discipline, parenting, legacy, and so much more with specifics like:

  • The best methods for developing lifelong immunity, cellular resilience, mental toughness, and overall health in a child
  • How to manage your time, deal with overwhelm, care for yourself, and maintain high levels of productivity and health while raising children
  • Family mission statements to family brands, traditions, and routines that foster pride and a strong identity in children
  • Parents like Naveen Jain reveal how anyone can start a non-profit for their child for generational wealth building
  • The crazy, controversial primal secrets of “tiger dad” parents like The Liver King and Joe Desena
  • Lenore Skenazy on why she’s America’s Worst Mom (and why you should be too!)
  • Joseph Anew and Emilia Run’s advice on respectful parenting, slowing down, and controversial topics like co-sleeping
  • Angie Fletcher on the intriguing traditions she began with her oldest child as a single, divorced mother
  • My own parents Gary and Pat Greenfield on how they raised me and my 4 siblings to approach the world in a far different, outside-the-box way compared to other kids
  • And much more!

I’ve even included a sneak peek just for you in a podcast I recorded, so you can start learning right here, right now!

Listen to me go over my love and logic parenting philosophy, how Boundless Parenting came to be, and other sections directly from the book.

Because parenting isn’t something you have to do alone. Remember the saying “It takes a village”? 

So here’s the favor: Listen to the sneak peek and if it strikes your fancy, let my book and the incredible parents in it be your village. Check out the audiobook release of Boundless Parenting here.

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