Dr. Gundry And Vincent Usache Talk One Of The Worlds Most Nutritious Foods

Bonjour!For this episode, I visited one of the manufacturing plants for a biotech company called Microphyt in the beautiful city of Montpellier, France!  Microphyt is currently developing the next generation of health superstars by turning to one of the most prodigious, untapped forms of life. I’m talking about microalgae.  That’s right – although invisible to […]

EP 263: Why You're Still Sick, Environmental Toxins, Chronic Illness, And How To Fix It with Dr. Gary Kaplan

In 1985, Dr. Gary Kaplan created the Kaplan Clinic in Arlington, Virginia, to offer patients suffering from chronic pain and illness a more effective model of medical care.   Incorporating the best elements of conventional and alternative medicine, his goal was — and continues to be — to provide an integrative approach that attends not only to a patient’s physical symptoms […]

EP 260: Sleep Quality Enhancement, Annihilating Anxiety, and Biohacking The Warrior Mindset with Brian Keane

Brian Keane, known as Brian Keane Fitness online is a Reps qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sports Nutritionist.     Over the past seven years, he has gone from working full time as primary school teacher to one of Ireland’s leading thought leaders on all things health, fitness and […]

EP 261: Escape Your Limits, Self-Sourcing Motivation, and Leg Exercises That'll Change Your Life with Matthew Januszek

Matthew Januszek is a health, wellness & fitness expert and entrepreneur that turned his passion into a $33 million-dollar global business. He is host of the Escape Your Limits podcast & you can learn more about his health and fitness suite at www.EscapeFitness.com   – Learn more about our one-on-one Biohacker Coaching program www.BiohackerCoaching.com   […]

Common health mistakes, revealed? by Dr Gundry | Ep205

I know you’re all busy, and time is precious. That’s why I’m mixing things up with a mash-up episode, containing bit-size information that reveals the answers to some of YOUR most pressing questions.  I’ll share the #1 WORST ingredient hiding in your food, mistakes most of us make every time we drink water, the potential […]

Scalar Energy 101: Tom Paladino Shares How to Harness and Transmit GOD’s True Essence

Thanks for visiting! Join my FREE newsletter to receive the secrets of the Elite on Health Optimization and Spirituality and Receive HUGE discounts on all my products. Join 15K Folks Living Their Highest and Best Life! We’ve been taught to believe that the most powerful energy on the planet is electromagnetic energy, but that couldn’t […]